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Newspaper and magazine articles describing victories by the Law Firm of Josh F. Bowers, P.C.

New York Times
Army Corps of Engineers Strikes Accord in Bias Case, Black Deckhands on a Mississippi River dredge will split $1 Million.

New York Times
Government Finds Racial Bias on Corps of Engineers Dredge.

Washington Post
Federal Union Wins Ruling On Use of Taxpayer Funds.

Washington Post
D.C. Crime Evidence in Doubt, Judge Says Reports of Improper Handling Threaten Cases.

Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association
Announces Selection of Joshua F. Bowers as Lawyer of the Year.

Government Employee Relations Report
EEOC Overturns Agency Dismissal of a Sexual Harassment/Hostile Environment Complaint.

Federal EEO Advisor
DOD Agrees to $275,000 Settlement With Worker

BNA Daily Labor Reporter
Failing to Investigate Harassing Texts, Touching Costs National Guard $231,425 in Sexual Harassment Case.
Federal Employee Awarded $149,459 by EEOC in Sexual Harassment Case

EEOC Increases Emotional Award to $115,000

Federal EEO Advisor
Employee Wins $112,000 For Same-Sex Harassment.

Daily Labor Report
EEOC Awarding More for Emotional Distress

Alumni News
Josh Bowers Wins Big Victory for Victims of Discrimination in the State of Maryland

Security Clearance Reinstated - "One Drink is Too Many and 100 is Not Enough"
The Defense of Defense reinstates a Security Clearance to an employee who drank 3-4 beers each weekday and 6-12 beers each day on the weekend.

Federal Employment Law Training - Newsletter
EEOC Reinstates Sexual Harassment Case With Finding Agency EEO Counselor Misled the Complainant

Federal Labor & Employee Relations Update
[Federal Employee Treated] Like A Dog.

Federal Labor & Employee Relations Update
M.S.P.B. Overturns Postal Employee's Removal

Federal Employees News Digest
Whistleblower Wins!

The State Newspaper
Judge Orders Fort Jackson To Reinstated 'Whistleblower'.

Government Employee Relations Report
Removal of Army Employee for Body Odor Overturned; Depression Was Mitigating Factor

CyberFEDS - Washington Bureau
Dress Code Policies Must Include Flexibility

National Law Journal
EEOC Damages Awards Reach An All-Time High

NARFE Magazine
Federal Employees in National Guard Dual Status Technician Positions Are a Breed Apart


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Josh F. Bowers, P.C.
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(301) 565-0090


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