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Federal Employee News Digest, March 2, 1997.

A Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service arbitrator has ordered the reinstatement with back pay and benefits of a federal employee who was put on a performance improvement plan, locked out of her office and later removed after she became suspicious that several million dollars may have been misspent and reported her suspicions to numerous program officials and the agency inspector general. The arbitrator, noting her prior high performance ratings, said her whistleblowing contributed to her removal and "that unlawful reason for removal infected the removal itself."

(FMCS Case No. 96-16053-7, February 5, 1997)

Judge Orders For Jackson To Reinstate "Whistleblower".

The State Newspaper, October 30, 1997
Columbia, South Carolina

A Fort Jackson employee who said he lost his job because of "racial animosity" and a reprisal for whistle-blowing was ordered reinstated by an U.S. Administrative Judge.

Clinzy Oliver, a black federal employee whose job was abolished during a reduction in force, won his case after a federal judge ruled the post had violated regulations by keeping a white employee with less seniority. The judge ruled, however, that Oliver did not prove whistle-blower reprisal or discrimination.

During the hearing, Oliver said that while at Fort Jackson, he found a note in his car signed by the Ku Klux Klan shortly after he recommended discipline for a subordinate. Oliver testified that managers who saw the KKK note took no action.


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