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Whistleblower Actions

U.S. Government Whistleblower Lawyer

At the Washington, D.C.-based employment law offices of Josh F. Bowers, P.C., we have opposed recriminations against government whistleblowers in our 20 years of representing the rights of federal workers.

We oppose this practice for good reason. First of all, the law prohibits it. The Whistleblower Protection Act protects federal employees from retaliation from others for the act of disclosing possible violations of law, gross mismanagement or misconduct, false claims, government fraud, gross waste or misuse of funds, an abuse of authority or substantial safety violations outside of the reported worker's normal job responsibilities.

The most effective route for our opposition to whistleblower retaliation is to offer quality legal representation to those who have been retaliated against. If you are a federal employee suffering any act of revenge, be it an investigation, disciplinary action or decrease in compensation or benefits due to your actions, contact our aggressive, effective federal employment attorneys today.

We're available by phone or e-mail for the arranging of your initial consultation. We look forward to hearing the details of what's happened to you.

Dedicated to Protecting the Rights of Federal Employees

We will see to it that your whistleblower reprisal complaint is timely filed with the appropriate administrative forum which may include, the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), Office of Special Counsel (OSC) or grievance/arbitration. If the retaliatory tactics resorted against you took the form of adverse actions such as suspension, demotion or dismissal, we will advise you on which federal employee administrative procedure provides the most favorable forum for your case.

Our skilled federal employment lawyers will be with you during every phase of your whistleblower reprisal complaint process. If you are willing to contact the press to blow the whistle on the wrongful federal government actions, we have many years of successfully working with the press. Alternatively, if you're not out to make headlines, we will help you quietly resolve your complaint in the privacy available in the administrative forums that resolve federal government whistleblower issues. We simply want fairness for you, and the return of an ethical tone to your job, specifically, and the government in general.

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Have you blown the whistle on an unscrupulous supervisor at your federal job and suffered from employer retaliation? Suffer no longer. Contact our nationwide federal employment law practice today. We can protect your rights wherever you are in the U.S.

Call or e-mail our experienced, successful federal employment attorneys at Josh F. Bowers, P.C. today. Tell us the details of your situation in an initial consultation.


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